Not sure what to title this one!!!

So Easter was fun...

I spent the whole time in Abuja which was quite refreshing, i had missed my girlfriend whom i spent the time with. And Abuja just has a way of making you feel like you're in another country. I mean not once did i sit in traffic and i entered cabs for N200!!!!! in Lag you spend almost twice that amount to get to the end of your own street, no matter how short.

Went to quite a few nice spots though the social scene there is not as busy as it is in Lag for some strange reason!! I mean the bowling alley was practically empty(as far as i'm concerned) on Saturday nite. But in all i had a good time

Anyway, me i'm seriously thinking of relocating to that Abuja right now!!!! Tis so peaceful there...

Tried not to think of my ex which was quite difficult(honestly) but at least i survived not calling him except when he called. And i realised further that truly we had reached the end of the road!!!

Right now i'm trying to sort my money matters, determine my "latte factor" and generally refocus on my spending priorities. I've realised that planning money and spending really really helps sha and there'd be less gbese at the end of the month!!!

I'm also trying to work on my weight and all "my now famous emotional trauma" has helped me shed quite a bit of flesh. Bought plenty veggies and fruits and for 2 days straight i've been eating quite "healthy". Ate so much salad last night that i started to feel like a goat:) but hey this morning, my jeans are hanging from my butt. so it was worth it after all????????

It's all good sha. This 2007 is the year of my (positive) change!!!! (Amen)

Meanwhile my doggie has become so unruly i do not know what to do again!!! Heard some odd noise 2 nights back and ran out thinking an infiltrator was trying to get into the house or something, and there was the "monkey" ON TOP of his cage trying to upturn the dustbin... that had been placed on top of his cage so he wouldn't go into it!!!! I was quite perplexed to say the least. Couldn't even figure out how he got to the TOP OF HIS CAGE anyway!!!!


Calabar Gal said…
Your jeans are hanging from your butt after 24hrs?!?!!? LOL!!!
AMEN to 2007 being ur year of positive change.
law_damsel said…
whish kin diet b dat?hmmh??

now ur makin me happy dat its abj im doin law sch at:hurray!!
Daddy's Girl said…
Hey girl, how are you? Most people in Abuja travel during festive seasons so it's always very quiet - that's why the bowling alley was almost empty. But the social scene there is definitely not as fun as in Lagos sha.

LOL at your doggie!!
Mrs Somebody said…
I wish my jeans could hang from my butt.

Any how Abuja is,Lagos is still the KOKO of them all.

Maybe your doggie is getting lonely,don't you think so?
chidi said…
lol at your jeans hanging down from your butt, but how did you manange to achieve that in like 24hrs? AMEN to wht you said about 2007 being a yr of change.
Chameleon said…
please elaborate on this diet...
thx for stopping by.
nice blog here!
fluffycutething said…

Thanks for stopping by..

You won't believe that by going on a fruit/veg fast(u know where u eat only fruits n veg)all week. U actually drop some weight...

It has worked for me and there's no limit to ur portions at all.

It also serves as a detoxification process for your body....

A trial will convince u,i'm sure :)

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