So tis a new month....

And i have decided that i will be more hardworking at work... I will put in maximum efforts. Whether or whether not it is recognised now. I will still put in my best, after all " Ise ni oogun Ise"

In fact I'm going to write that poem and stick on my table;)

I will also exercise some more, i went jogging on Saturday and even though the doggie ran off and i had to chase him for a bit (which was annoying), i will not be discouraged as the overall results will mean that i will shed some small weight and look more beaurriful.

This month i will also take it easy on myself especially since i have realised that not having a bobo is not the end of the world and there are many other things i can do to add value to my life asides "man following"

I have also decided that after my "lunatic" behaviour of this last weekend, i will NEVER make a fool of myself (consiously) because of a man ever again.

I will spend plenty of time pampering myself and looking more beautiful. I will "do" my nails weekly and i will fix a beautiful weave on my hair for the month.

I will spend more time praying and worshipping my saviour.

I now know that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" i can therefore achieve some of my goals... Fear and discouragement will not slow me down anymore!!!

I will update this list as time goes on


bimbylads said…
amen gurl.. i agree on most, but especialy the worshipping of God.. too important, too true... keep it up o!!

we dey o!! how naija?
"there are many other things i can do to add value to my life asides "man following"

law_damsel said…
Preach it Sista!!... I go put man followin aside...
chidi said…
i agree on most of the things you said and i have tried what you said before. You know the pasting some words where you can see it all the time? Well, i did it and it didn't work for me. Hope it does for you
Ugo Daniels said…
Its so amazing when someone wakes up from an unconscious slumber and decides to try a new thing or follw a new path.

Hang in there. shed the old for the new. do you dat you know best and believe me, you'll be much happier for it.

All da best fluffycutething...Cheers!
fluffycutething said…
Thanks for stopping by my peeps....

Tis definetely not easy shedding old skin for a new one, the only motivation i have is "you guys" and the vision i have of the "new and improved" Fluffy ;)

Cheers everyone and have a happy Easter!!
arike said…
Fluffycutething, I just read the comment you made on Fineboy's blog about how your semi razz person asked you "if dog has biting you before?" Thanks to you, I am now howling with laughter at 12:00 midnight in Yankee. I beg ooo, don't get me into trouble like dat. No really, that was lol funny.
Waffarian said…
Hi babe! thats the spirit! don't let a man drive you insane! Just keep busy, and do your own stuff, things that benefit you. Take care!
fluffycutething said…
@arike-(i'm going to give my first daughter that name by the way;) thanks for stopping by!!!

@waffy babe- thanks for d encouragement jare!!! How ya side?
dolly said…
AMEN.., you should appreciate urself, don't let a Man drive u crazy

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