Thursday, 5 April 2007

This break up no easy oh!!!

The past few hours, days and weeks haven't been easy.

I haven't been single in many years and i'm just finding it so hard to adjust because i had weaved my self around this brother!!!

Tis so painful that after all these years i'm just seeing a different side of someone whom i loved and maybe even still have feelings for!!!

Tis also deeply saddening all the nasty things that he had said and even done to facilitate this break up...

I mean we were going to get married, even despite all the obstacles, i was going to actually go through with it.

It's just painful that we now relate as strangers!!!

Is this how love sometimes turns out????????

I probably sound like a broken record with my constant attempts at piecing things back together but hey the gal is quite lonely these days!!

Wish it were so easy "to dust myself up and try again" like Aaliyah(abi na who sing that song again? :)

I will try sha and i'm never going to let a man do this to me again. Once i can get past this phase that is!


bimbylads said...

awwwwwwww.. just reading this.. pele luv. ull be ok, its a matter of time ( hug)

fluffycutething said...

Thanks jare my sweetie....

I feel much better and stronger now ;)

How's ur weddin plan coming? Hope i'm invited?

Sparkle said...

eyaa, na wa o
guess we all are victims
we shall overcome!!!
u'll be fine
and u will end up with someone better...just a matter of time...everything will fall in place

fluffycutething said...

@sparkle- keeping my fingers crossed on the "meeting someone better......just a matter of time...everything will fall in place

Thanks babe


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