Friday, 18 May 2007

I've had it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know dealing with people can just be so so difficult and annoying.

Can you imagine this my friend...

She asked me to submit a form for her in our office aeons ago, which i did!!!

And then yesterday she sends me a rude text asking if i submitted the form. For some reason i was very calm and went the extra mile of checking the office log book, just to ascertain that i submitted the form. Of course I did.

Called her and told her this and in fact told her where exactly to continue her enquiries from.

Then i returned her missed calls this morning,only for her to be snapping and asking me where i submitted the forms that she had checked the log book and didn't see it bla bla bla.

I lost it then, raised my voice and asked her why she was yelling at me. Then she said oh she was stressed yak yak yak.

Now my point is, over the years i have learnt to accord my 'friends' so much respect especially when i'm stressed or upset that i refrain from lashing at out at them and as such i wonder why in blazes that cannot be recipocated.

i mean do i look stupid, slow or what????????

Is this what being nice to people always results in? RUDENESS!!!!!

I mean i'm so ticked off right now.

Because of the risk of being tagged insensitive to her situation(this is after she don make me feel like mumu oh), i further sent her a mail directing her appropriately and even called her up to make sure she got the mail. And she has the impudence to be sounding cold to me

Just imagine this crappy crap!!!!

I really need to begin to nip all this crappy crap that people dish out to me truly.

Cannot understand why people just like to behave anyhow to people... so annoying!!!!

Still fuming here


Waffarian said...

My dear, next time, just tell her you are busy.You reassured her once, that was enough. If she insists on calling, do not bother answering the phone, Send a text. No need to listen to rude people. Sometimes, when people are yelling on the phone, I just cut the shit off and put off my phone.Who has time for such negativity?

fluffycutething said...

I trust you (lol)

My no-nonsense pally!!!

But seriously that's the way forward oh... I just brushed her aside and right now she don adjust accordingly.

So how's this "our new soul mate"?

Calabar Gal said...

She must have been going through PMS. LOL!!

Idemili said...

Breathe, Breathe. Think Zen...

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