So I'm back with renewed energy!!!!!

Took time off work and everything else and took a short trip to the UK and Dubai(even though i've lied to everyone that i've been in abuja(lol) for my long awaited and much needed time out.....

It was fun and i must say i feel quite refreshed and ready to take on the whole world and all it's challenges....

Couldn't do much shopping as the time was really short but i must say i had quite a lovely and refreshing time... The change of scenery was much needed i guess.

Also came back with several new strategies to make money this year....

I've started writing them down. With God on my side things will work out just fine.

I'm seriously thinking of relocating.This Lagos has become quite stale and boring to me. "Where to", is giving me a bit of a challenge. When i went to Abuja i felt quite drawn to the place and i contemplated looking for a job there and settling there.

But now i'm thinking of going back to school for my masters and of course jand/yankee are looking like ideal options!! The main challenge is i'm wondering how to just pack up my "life' and check out... I've never been out of my comfort zone (physically i mean) except when i went for NYSC up north, and i'm wondering if i can cope!!! Anyway time will tell as things unfold.

I'm quite decked up today, wearing new baffs from head to toe and looking quite hot. I even had my hair and nails done. I feel so so cool with myself. Part of my new improvement scheme is to be decked up frpm head to toe at all times!!! So far so good.

Diet is coming up nicely too, haven't reduced further but at least i haven't added any new weight.Will do some vegetable shopping today so i can resume my healthy eating once more..
I will also give my car it's long over due wash in and out TODAY!!!!

Work is moving quite slowly today though,maybe cos i haven't got my computer and i'm only borrowing this one for today, so far all i've done is empty my mail box and blog. Impressive huh?


dolly said…
Things will surely work out fine for you

As per the dieting stuffs, I've trying to eat healthy too... Omo its not easy oo, God help me

Nice post
fluffycutething said…
Thanks for the encouragement dolly...

How's the healthy eating going?;)

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