What's in your handbag?

Though it actually is as big and heavy as "hand luggage"?????????? LOL

I looked at the contents of my bag over the last weekend and i was quite "shocked" at the load in it....

They seem many but i'm sure i "need" all of them

I trust that it's the day i lighten it, that i will need something i just removed!!!

Anyway here's the list of what's in my "N15,000 leather bag from Italy" today:

3 notebooks-one is new i'm trying to start using it ;) and hoping to discard one of the old ones

My make up purse

2 sets of keys- Car and room

A novel( trying to develop a reading culture you see) LOL

A comb

Hand cream


Hand mirror

Small umbrella


Cheque book

I just added Hand sanitizer(too many germs everywhere you see LOL)

My wallet

ID card and pens

So that's the list for today.

Not too much yeah?

Ok, i tag Overwhelmed, Afro babe and everyone else who stops by this page.

Let's see what's in your handbag/luggage LOL



let me see....

oh, i dont have a hand bag

silly me
fluffycutething said…
should we try your pockets then??????LOL
Waffarian said…
I have my handbag here, I am looking.......

A "calender" (whatever its called, that small book for dates, schedules, appointments, etc)
glass case
allergy pills
mp3 player
theatre calender
used ticket fron Nigeria
forms that should have been sent about two weeks ago
a bangle
all sorts of strange coupons
a lipstick
hair band
a necklace
a sanitary pad
all sorts of receipts
fluffycutething said…
Waffy i knew you'd be just as bad as me LOL
Ugo Daniels said…
lmfao...cheii, yu have an umbrella in your handbag!!! :)

This is quite enlightening
fluffycutething said…
@Ugo Ehen now, in case of incasity LOL

Or would you prefer me to be drenched in the event of sudden rain??????Though the umbrella is so small i don't think it reallt stops raining from beating me LOL
i should do this okay here goes:

Two books:
i power of a praying wife
ii nine lives
hand cream
chewing gum/sweets
lots of pens
id card
small bible
make up purse
bank statements
mobile phones
hair brush
cheque books

lol today is just a bad day i have to go and 'de-load' this bag tonigh, ha ha no wonder my arms ache.
fluffycutething said…
@36- This your own bag na real hand luggage oh LOL

Hope you've "deloaded" now sha
Uzo said…
I did a post on this ages ago...and i was appalled at how much stuff i lug around everyday

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