Toxic Friends!!!!

How really do we rid ourselves of friends and friendships that have recurring negative energy??????

Toxins, constant issues that half the time make no sense.

You've tried to stay away but no..... it all just keeps coming back

All the constant drama does get boring and it is quite draining you know....



Waffarian said…
Just tell them to fuck off! How are you dear? long time, just wanted to say hi!
classybabe said…
It's quite easy,just cut them off gradually-stop replying texts,returning calls or IM.I have done that to my toxic friends,they can be emotionally draining and i really don't need that
Izz said…
Hey, it is those kinds of bad acids that drag us down sometimes. And it's funny you say they keep coming back, cos in my life, they always do come back. And it's not easy avoiding them.

Love the blog entries.
Abimars said…
Hiya, just found your blog will definately be coming back....
I just stay away and with time they get the message. It got a bit lonely but to be honest I'd rather be lonely than have to endure all the gossip, bitching and backstabbing that was going on
fluffycutething said…
@waffy- My frieeeeenddddddd ;)

How u dey? Still in Naija? That your suggestion is apt as usual and i'm just gathering momentum to be able to say it out loud to them instead of muttering under my breath!!! LOL

@classybabe- It's not that easy really because even when you don't communicate they just keep "stalking" you so to speak. But i am gradually cutting off links and perpetually refusing to hang out n stuff
fluffycutething said…
@izz- u truly do feel me. we should be waging this "war" together then ;)

Thanx for stopping by

@Abimars- thanx for stopping by too. To fill in the loneliness i have started to watch movies, read books, cook and generally just enjoy my own company. I am also making new "non- toxic" friends, because all that drama of always solving or being involved in one brouhaha or the other just had to stop!!!!

Cheers people

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