What a day!!!!!!!!

Today started off quite "terrible" I got a tummy upset from midnight and couldn't sleep because I was busy wondering where my younger brother (who refused to come home) was all night.

Finally got some sleep between 5.30 am thereabout and 6.30am. Rushed to the bath and drove to work. Thankfully there wasn't heavy traffic.

Got here and tummy was still running!!! Endured the pain which further escalated when my new Oga decided to use me as "i'm your Oga" practise today.

There was a little communication mix-up and she went into a frenzy, yelling and yelling and crowned it all by saying "she didn't like people lying". Meaning "this girl u dey lie".

All the while your truly was praying that the poop will not start dripping down because my tummy was swirling, the more she yelled at me. LOL

Thankfully there were no accidents.

The day has just ended and i'm only just getting a breather

It truly has been one of those days and in fact week where all sorts happen to you and many things/tasks just didn't get completed. I have sleep deprivation, it's cold, and in all

I'm just thankful it's Friday!!!!!


heya hopefully todays a bit better...
Afrobabe said…
Are you sure they were no accidents???

abi you cleaned up sharpish...
Waffarian said…
I feel you, just had the worst day ever!
Naapali said…
I felt your pain. Maybe something special about last week, because mine was also rather bloggable (is that a word?).

Hope this week is turning out better and your brother is safe and well.
Ugo Daniels said…
Pele oo, so how are you this week, hope bounzing. Cheers!!

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