Tuesday, 2 October 2007

So why.....

Do we say we eat/ate "3 square meals"???????????

What makes the meals square?

And then do we

"Drink" or "Eat" pap, custard, garri, cereal????????????

Just wondering;)


ozaveshe said...

we say 3 square meals cos its only fair to the body to eat 3 times a day (thats where u get fair and square from) and u dont eat or drink any of those things, u take them.

i take cereal, i take garri, i take pap.

extending this analogy further -

i take cereal (preferably something kellogs produces) every morning because i'm an extremely tush, fresh dude.

i take garri and pap to fluffy's haus because she likes eating them with groundnuts since she's not as tush as me...

nice random post though.

keeping it real said...

Do you suck, drink or eat an orange? I say eat. Whenever people use the other two I actually shrink. It does not fall well on my ears. I can imagine that when I say I east an orange it does not fall well on their ears either.

Like Ozavashe said, really nice random post.

Afrobabe said...

I wonder oh...why isn't it 3 rounds meal????

Why do we need men???

Why must I make my hair???


Afrobabe said...

I prefer to hear "smoking garri"
That was the term in boarding school....

fluffycutething said...

@Ozaveshe,now what does "fair" have to do with "square" ehn? LOL

So you "take" cereal huh?????? Have you checked the dictionary meaning of "take" at all???????

The synonymns of take include-'obtain,get,receive'!!!!

Do you then "receive" pap????????

Yee i'm laughing really hard here oh LOL

Na wa

fluffycutething said...

@Ozaveshe(again) - E be like say you know me true true oh

You should see me rushing garri, so tey i get bowl to drink/eat/take/receive ;) it in the office sef. With groundnuts to complete the deal LOL

And i've even initiated my whole office into "....." (fill in d gap wit ur own expression)garri in the afternoons now!!!

fluffycutething said...

@Keeping it real- lemme make it worse for you, i think i "lick" oranges oh!!!! ROFL

@Afro(my love)- We need men because we cannot do certain things "hint hint" by ourselves;) even I cannot help you with "those" things.

And then we can't be "smoking" garri again we're now adultsssss and need to use "adult" expressions ;)

bimbylads said...

lol.... ok, well said, why do we ( esp nigerians) say.......

1) that girl is YELLOW?? WTF? yellow!??

2) time is going... Like, where is time going to?

And then the yoruba people, why do they say.....

1) I want to pay my child's 'owo' school fees?

2)I want to buy 'bata' school shoe?

answer me this fluffy then ill think about ur own answers...


fluffycutething said...

Bimby leave me oh LOL,

Yellow girl indeed, i heard another one 2 days back "Reverse Back"

Oh freak, reverse back indeed, like you can reverse 'front' LOL

ozaveshe said...

@ fluffy: you should be ashamed of yourself eh, turning your office into a mini buka with all that smoking garri and epa.

@bimbylads: nigerian use those phrases for emphasis. it has nothing to do with bad english.

and oh, fluffy, incase u dont know in naija u actually can reverse a car forward. the feature is acquired in cars that have plied lagos roads for more than a fortnight. americans and japanese our studying the technology. infact CNN recently dubbed it "a new innovation"

Afrobabe said...

lol @bimbylads.....yes oh...I saw one yellow boy yesterday in someone's blog!

Naapali said...

if it involves teeth I consider it eating. If no teeth involved then it may be drinking/sipping. As for Garri that is definitely smoked. Since language is dynamic and also regional, what is proper changes with time/place thus many Nigerian colloquiallisms are proper within the Nigerian context though may not be acceptable in others.
Here in America, English is seemingly murdered everyday on the nightly news with words like burglarize.

Afrobabe said...

you see, Naapali agrees with me that garri is smoked...

Here is to more garri smoking that has suddenly become a delicacy here in london...yippeeeeeee

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