Ok so Osuofia is back to her country :D

So i arrive back in Naija amidst plenty drama and vowing never to fly economy class or better still Emirates again....

Kai my journey back was most traumatic ,all sorts happened to me.

I left home quite happy that for the "first time i didn't have any excess baggage". I mean i weighed the bags by lifting them up and as far as i could lift them up it must weigh only 20kg each.... LOL

Imagine my shock when i reached the counter and the lady said my two bags were like 54kg. i almost fainted. meanwhile hand luggage sef reach 11kg.

Anyway i went and repacked the bags( i don't know why i felt that would work) held some stuff in my hands and went to send the bags in...

To cut the story short, bags were sent in at a total of like 47kg.

Next problem was now what to do with the hand luggage, sha i went to board plane oh, couldn't even do any duty free shopping because i had spent so much time, packing and repacking my bags.

I collect my boarding pass and the lady says there's a note on her computer which says i ain't allowed any hand luggage and in fact she's taking me to her supervisor....

Na joke i think she dey joke , until she grabbed my arm and marched me to supervisor...

No be small oyinbo the man speak to me oh... LOL

At the end of his speech he said i could either pay fifty pounds(which i was not ready to do) or leave the bag

So yours truly ended up in the toilet oh...

Tossed out the things i could, wore like five tops and held the rest of the stuff in my arms, this kain u needed to have seen how i looked, holding chocolates, sweater, "coat" and two glass vases etc into the plane.

I was most embarassed i tell you!!!!!!!!!!!

Painful part was the supervisor came and sneered while telling me "oh so now you've got all your clothes on"

Then i had to leave my "beloved" suitcase behind. A whole five pounds thrown down the drain...

I looked a sight getting onto that flight...

Right now i'm taking a crash course in packing luggage and looking like those correct babes that have designer suitcases(yeah afro not boxes :) and small hand luggage and look so fabulous:)

Tips anyone????????


Afrobabe said…
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...see me see wahala oh....what is box? you took a carton to the airport?

cheap ass, next time fly first class like me!!!
Sha said…
LOL... eya, sorry abt dat. Good thing u thot abt wearing ur stuff rather than leaving them behind.

I dnt really dig d "chicken or beef" class aka economy...lol but hey sumtyms we gotta do what we gotta do.
fluffycutething said…
@Sha- you know this "chicken or beef" thing has been making me laugh for the past 10mins non-stop. My colleague says after a while they don't even ask again, they just shove one onto your tray!!!


God dey

@Afro- as for you, please SPELL this "First class" u claim to fly abeg LOL
Naijachic said…
LMAO, dis is sooo funny: shld av seen u at teh airport, men I wld av been stunned like i was cn sumthing released from museum, no? lol

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