Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Seems the last time i went to a wedding was aeons ago

Can't remember anyone bringing me aso ebi in the past few months

Could it be that all my friends are now ALL married?????????

This issue of giving children oyinbo names sha

Some relation of mine named her third son ROCK

I've just heard and i still can't get over it i tell you

ROCK as how?????????

Infact that was the exact question i asked the bearer of the "news".

Maybe it's better than the names of the baby's older brothers who are "Bundle of Joy" and "Champion"

Loud Hiss

I'm as bored as hell today, came out of a long meeting which further heightened my boredom

People just like to speak many oyinbo sha

One chick in the meeting just dey blow fone, dey blow fone

Another contributor come talk say "one thing dey "TENABLE"

Na im my fone speaking counterpart ask say wetin "Tenable" mean.

I was in shock i tell you. So upon all the fone she no sabi tenable ..... loud hiss

Meanwhile my tummy's in bad shape as usual...

I've been in the loo more times than at my desk today

All the little weight left after my rigorous exercise of the past few weeks go finish today at this rate LOL

My new Oga sits right next to me so i'm "condenmed" to a life of always forming busy in the office and as for closing early

Tis now a thing of the past.

Wo make i go find something do


Mineexclusively said...

Lol. Rock???? Can't stop laughing. Rock ko, stone ni.

Afrobabe said...

lol...wonder why u are blinking about Rock..

Start getting used to the names I have chosen for ur I know ur yoruba ass wont be giving the english names...

Shaniqua and Jaheim!!!

Afrobabe said...

When you born more I will get more names...dont worry about my kids,they will be John and Laura..i no fit do pass 2..

fluffycutething said...

@mineexclusively- thanx for stopping by. I was too shocked to laugh when i first heard actually

@Afro- u r on ur own with those names oh, because my inlaws no go fit call that Shaniqua even me the pikin mama sef get small difficulty calling such names.... LOL

The Last King Of Scotland said...

there are some beautiful names around, and rock certainly aint one of them. i like anthony, farida, sean, jacob.

fluffycutething said...

@TLKS- Good choices definetely nicer than ROCK :D but why can't the poor children just have good old Naija names like chichi, Ngozi,Feyikemi,Segun,Femi and so on?????????

The Last King Of Scotland said...

absolutely nothing wrong with those names either. i dont have an english name and i like it like that

ozaveshe said...

i'm all up for totally traditional names. have a relation who's called reese. he lives in the UK and the name looks good in print, but i pity him the day he steps into naija. den go murder the pronunciation tire!

lol at the un 'tenable' chick with all her fone

Afrobabe said...,apple,rome,kiss....choose one...

Naapali said...

Okuta! Maybe he will be nicknamed Olumo in school.

fluffycutething said...

@Napaali- Even worse "Okute" if he's in an Ibo school LOL

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