I "like" Mondays....

The minutes or rather the hours just always seem to fly past

See now it's almost 11'0' clock and one meaningful work i have not done today :D

Anyway my weekend was fun, spent most of it sleeping.

Which was great...

Didn't exercise though ;) woke up late LOL

The drama i encountered getting to work today wasn't funny at all, left home about 6.17am still didn't arrive at work until almost 8'0' clock. Thankfully my brother did most of the driving :O

The horrors of Lagos roads!!!!

One woman at the bus stop when he got off asked for a lift, i "lied" that i wasn't going her way.

Felt quite bad but you see, this Lagos is so unsafe, we can't just be carrying people we don't know abi?

She had a baby and like "3 loads" by her side.

My car is a "darling get down let uncle enter" type of car(2 door hatchback ) so i couldn't imagine having to first packing all her load to the backseat then hopping in.

God have mercy on us all.

The next sin i committed this morning was snooping through my ex's e-mail. why i did it i don't know. Just curious to find out what he was up to i guess

Is it bad to do that sef?

anyway i repent from all my evil ways LOL :D

My vaccum cleaner has just been delivered.

Nna bia


And, I can't say I blme you for not being able to help. But, maybe next time...Enjoy the rest of your week, oh!

darkelcee said…
we call that type of car sokinso in yoruba language.

sweetheart, I hate monday. The hatredactually starts from sunday evenin around 6.30pm. i have never liked monday morning since my primary school days.

but i am at my peak on fridays!lol
Afrobabe said…
o...ur vacumm cleaner has arrived indeed...

My dear u seem to be the only one who likes mondays I hate them!!! long boring day...they should scrap monday and friday as working days....

If I pick someone in lag my dear it wont be woman with child and plenty loads oh...
fluffycutething said…
@Solomonsdyelle- for coming first you get half of the scrumptous bowl of amala i just finished eating LOL

Funny thing is this week, for some odd reason like 3 people have asked me for lifts!!!!

fear no gree me carry them sha

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