Never buy cheap bags

I'm seething with rage here...

Supposedly got a good deal on some handbags last week...

They looked quite nice and cost N3000 each. (What a deal LOL)

Quickly i jumped at two black ones!!!

Carried one throughout last week, noticed that the zip wasn't closing too well after like two days

But i figured i had too many stuff in it.

Yesterday when i had barely anything in it, the zip still gave way...

Decided to swap it, for the "other bigger" one this morning...

While strolling into the office, in my new patent shoes, new black trousers and new black bag ;)

I felt a tug and thought .... "hmmm what now?...."

Alas the strap of the stupid N3000 bag don cut!!!!!!!!


I'm done with cheap bags, don't know what i was thinking in the first place!!!!


ibiluv said…
serves u right cheapskate-just kidding

pardon moi-first tyme here-love ur blog-thanks for dropping by at mine-ur last post was hilarious-na hin b say na u go disvirgin ur niece's eyes-heheheheh
Anonymous said…
Lol @ ur post !!!

Just in case you diddn't know, those 3k bags are those dubai/china bags. They are very popular in lagos and the first thing that spoils is the zip, then the fabric inside the bag starts to tear, then the straps and it goes!!

I'm giving you my first hand experience with them so i've sworn not to move near them even with a long pole.

Pele......Learn from this experience
NikkiSab said…
Fluffy u again!!??!!!! U cant blame ur lil' niece dis time lol!!!! No mind dis cheap cheap tins eh, at least d tin for cut on d 2nd outing. I buy one N1,300 slippers for balogun cos i get big leg i no fit find size anywhere. Pray for me say d tin no go disgrace me for d wedding i de attend.
fluffycutething said…
@ibiluv- dey there dey laugh oh as if you're not guilty yourself LOL

@Anon- u seem to be quite an expert on this subject matter oh LOL Pls are there any other such goods i should avoid???????? ROFL

@pinksatin- wait until it happens to you too, i'll see if you can laugh then ;)

@Nikkisab- I dey fire prayer for you make that shoe last u through the wedding oh. But better have bathroom slippers in your purse just in case LOL
Ms. emmotions said…

better luck next time gal
awww, no! I can't even laugh because I know you must have been as mad as i would have been. Pele, oh, my sista. Bags are a woman's life and if we can't depend on our bag, what can we depend on?

lawl! Okay, after reading my last comment, I have started laughing!

hahahahaha. Sorry oh!

Afrobabe said…
Please dont feel sorry for her see she is one of those that travel to dubai to sell those same quality bags.............She even tried to sell me gold...I am sure they have started fading too....she tried to make me envious by wearing them around the house...did it work??????? small
darkelcee said…
what were your thinking?..... freebies

I know the feeling.

Well you need to "close" ur eye ad buy quality bag sometimes.FOr someone like me my bag santa's sack. there is nothing that you cant find there
fantasy queen said…
lol'...whats the lesson learnt? oshofree aint the greatest deals(whatever that means)
Smaragd said…
i feel ur pain! and i learnt to feel that pain the hard but imagine if u'd bought a bag for 10k thinking it was original, only to have it snap in public as well...ouch! we need prayers when shopping now, simple! whether dubai, UK or italy, cheap bags are a bad idea!

as per ur li'l niece, the third thing shld happen quickly so we can read i hope u've learnt that the things u really hide are the ones that get found(whatever that means, it just sounds

interesting blog, stop by mine.

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