Na Nikky tag me oh!!!

Ok so in a bit to calm down from my very "traumatic" ;) week, i'm doing this tag thing....

Better late than never eh :)

Thought up my six quirks like two nights back but right now i can only think up like two, anyway we'll see how this goes

Y'all know the rules or rather how the game goes....

1. I've never cried because someone died before. I'll be sad and all oh but the tears just don't come out.

2. I can eat rice, morning, afternoon and night.... White rice and stew sha oh

3. I'm a germaphobe. I will wash my hands over and over again. I don't like guys shaking my hands because i feel they never wash hands after peeing and grappling their "you know whats"

4. I cannot iron to save my own life sef. I just cannot get it right. Even if i spend an hour on one item i can assure you it will still come out rumpled LOL

5. Brain has now frozen....

Been trying to put this up for over a month, i better just quietly post it today, before i find myself completing the tag in December 2009 LOL


Afrobabe said…
You should have added, you cant cook moi moi even if a gun was held to ur head... nag like nag every body...girlfriend, boyfriend and poor fiance...who i still owe this blog link,,,,lmao...berra send my aso ebi now!!!
ibiluv said…
i cant iron to save my life either
NikkiSab said…
I be bad tagger. Na now i de land.I dont wanna shake guys too, i wish i could wave and dats no need for handshake. I love to iron but i'll pay anytin to get out of washing clothes. It kills me.

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