Monday, 2 June 2008

Got robbed.....

..... by my "washerman" LOL

So i got a new wash boy after my original washman threatened to quit on me. Refer to My washman

Anyway, this new wash boy doubles as a "Man Friday" for the whole house and does loads of odd jobs and stuffs...

And he has washed my clothes steadily for like 3 months now.

Next thing i notice my TM is missing and i just assume my sister has "stolen" it or something. My two favourite pairs of jeans also get missing!!!!

I harass the whole house all to no avail.

Only for me to call this my man friday to do some odd job for me and there are my jeans hanging on his butt!!!!

I pretended they weren't mine but noticed he was fidgeting when i said "oh by the way i can't find my jeans.have you seen them?"

Anyway the bugger walked right into my hands yesterday wearing the shirt!!! I almost slapped him, you shoulda seen what my poor shirt had become....

Loud hiss

Gave him a long lecture and told him to go and bring the shirtl. I will rather give my dog to play with than have him ever wear it again

Thief thief boy...

Imagine you can't even trust your own "staff" again


AlooFar said...

LMAO on the last sentence "Imagine you can't even trust your own "staff" again"

Maybe your "staff" is wondering "Imagine Oga... she no fit me dash cloth. I go dey dash mysef then"


Sting said...

is he gay? Why is he wearing women's clothing?

Duchess said...

trust nobody..even you.

ps: first time on ur blog...may i take a bow?

Ms. emmotions said...


maybe u shuld allow himk have the remain of the shirt, since its just a reminant

thief thief man

princesa said...

Whats up with that guy? Stealing female clothing and wearing them, e well at all?LOL!

darkelcee said...

Do they now the difference?

Pele jare, just be careful. note whatever u are giving him.


fluffycutething said...

@Aloofar- the boy is a bugger, i dash him so much money and he gets clothes from my brother. So i can't fathom what his problem is oh **hiss**

@Sting- LOL he's not gay oh. He just can't tell the difference. na one local calabar boy oh LOL

@Duchess- thanks for stopping by sweetie. Feel free to come around whenever ;)

@Ms Emmotions - Was going to but my mum insisted jare. the thing is just hanging there along the corridor till i decide what to do with it!!

@Princessa- babe i was absolutely traumatised i tell you LOL

@Darkelcee- Babe fear will not even let me give him my clothes again oh!! I'm cool? How u dey too?

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