Monday, 17 November 2008

Inlaw matters :D

I've had my hands quite full with adjusting to caring for the baby all day and night plus lack of sleep, only 2 days back i decided to follow advise as seen on the internet and sleep when the individual is asleep. It's the best decision i coulda made for myself i tell you.

The first few days were quite ok, i had loads of people around and it was really exciting and all. unfortunately we had to return to the hospital because he had some jaundice, it was a scary period i tell you. The hospital didn't let me stay and at night i'd lie awake and be near tears wondering how he's faring and so all ended well thankfully we were discharged on the day of his naming ceremony. we had a small reception at home which was fun.

Though i ended up in trouble with my mum and her friends because i refused to wear iro and buba LMAO. I couldn't be bothered jare, not like i was sitting amongst guests or anything I was in my room with my crew so hey ;)

My mum in-law was around for a few days and boy did i receive a few amusing shocks ;0
First there was the issue of massage your tummy with hot water and stuff. i didn't mind it really though i couldn't understand what the fuss was the she said to also massage my "you know what" i thought she meant was a sith bath and i explained that i had no tears etc and didn't need one. But she said i'd be farting from my vajayjay so i obliged her.

She said to put a hot towel between my legs

So i did so...

Next thing she grabbed the towel and started to massage my vajayjay by herself.....

You shoulda seen the shock on my face!!!

Even my mama no fit put hand for my kini

it wasn't funny at all i tell you

The pain/discomfort was one thing but the embarassment no in fact mortification was another!!!!!!!

I couldn't just believe my eyes honestly

The next day i was ready for her

After she bathed the baby, she faced me and went on about the "benefits" of this massage (as usual). i got out of the bath and sat for the massage, she finished that and said "oya" of course i held on tight to the towel and refused to let go LOL i wasn't going to have her stick her fingers in my vajayjay ever again biko LMAO

She said "oh let me help you do it" of course i nicely told her i'll do it myself

Loud hiss

How can she be wanting to stick her hand in my kini

what errant nonsense

Thankfully there were no other MAJOR dramas before she left, asides stuff like put thread on the baby's head when he hiccups, like that can actually stop the hiccups LOL...


ShonaVixen said...

OMG...your mother in law massaged your kini???OOOOh, the look on your face must have been priceless, real Kodak moment....hope all is well hon xoxo

~Sirius~ said...

WO!!!!! Hells to the NO! as in NEVER!!!! WTH!!!
your MIL has your best interest at heart, but sticking her, what! I can't even imagine the shock! Mba nu! That's just wrong!
Awww, Fluffy gave you a mini scare- Sorry.You make motherhood sound so cute....Thank God he's ok now.
Eww! can't get your mum in law's moves outta my head.
Good you stood up for yourself the next day

Twix! said...

Hillarious, im rolling in stitches. I can imagine how you felt, what nonsence. She sounds nice sha, thank God baby is fine

tankojjetty said...

women dey try sha...
upon all the wahala for child birth ...
then u have to get back in shape with all this humuliation...
I'll try my utmost best to appreciate u guys more

Sykik said...

Am speechless, what is the essence of dipping her fingers into your "kini"?

Congrats on your baby

MissLove said...

omo I DON READ/HEAR AM TODAY OH!!! ehn!!!! KINI! i cannot shout lol i'm speechless glad the baby made it oh! wish him all the best health xo

NikkiSab said...

Talk true!!!!! My gudu God!! U try 1 st day sef with d v treatment. Sha i guess she was just doing wat she knew in her days, forgive!! Glad ur son is ok dat jaundice na strongtin o.
How come u had no tears? abeg share d knowledge o

LG said...

LOLLLLLLLLLL sowwwyy dear' i CAN imagine d look on ur face :p
but remember 'mama' meant well o or u prefer to dey go pooh! pooh! pooh! everiwhere???

*hope baby is doing well'
tell him aunty LG says Hiii :p

Iwalewa McDaniels said...


I can't believe u didn't wear Iro and Buba.

lol@ ur mother in law but seriously, I am not surprised. I would give anything to see the look on ur face at that moment.

Nefertiti said...

LMAO! Congratulations on the baby. I hope he's doing wonderful now.
Yeah, being a new mom can be hectic, not adding an insistent MIL. My MIL wanted to massage my girls, she came into the bathroom really, so I didn't have time to prepare my speech. The Vspot tho = Negative. I didn't have any tears either, thank God, but if I did, not even my mom can tell me 'oya'... I'd be like oya kini?

fluffycutething said...

@Shona-babe truly she did oh!!! It wasn't funny at the time, as for the look on my face thank God she couldn't see it, dem for drive me go my mama house LOL

@Sirius-Even i still flush with embarrassment when i remember the incident loud hiss

@Twix-Well she is quite nice and in fact did my laundry while i wasn't looking one day... but that massaging my kini was not it at all biko

@Tankojetty- Thank God you have now learnt a priceless lesson!!!

fluffycutething said...

@Sykik- LOL she says it will prevent me from "messing" through my vajayjay LMAO

@Miss love- Dem don kuku say "husband house na where we dey see/hear/learn new new tins ;)

@Nikkisab- wo even my mum has nearlt driven me up d wall with "in her days" matter. You'll have to contact me for private instructions on how to prevent tears oh ;)

@Aunty LG- ur boy sends his love back oh... Babe which kain nonsense poo poo from my kini be that? No mind all these old school women abeg LOL


fluffycutething said...

@Iwalewa- yours truly couldn't be bothered by that Iro and Buba meme jare moreso the boy was in hosp till about noon that day so dressing up was d least of my worries. by the time we got home there was no need to change my cloth abeg :D

@Nefertiti- thanks for the love babe. The boy's fine jare giving me sleepless nights like they all do, a few nights back when he cried, i was so sleepy i patted him right back to bed, only later did i realise the poor fellow must have been hungry that's why he woke up in the first place :D

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