Sunday, 9 November 2008

His arrival...

That morning i was dressed early for my ante natal appointment

Mr gave me a ride, we hung out for a bit in his office and he dropped me off at the hospital

it was a normal ante natal day!!!

A friend of mine was also at the hospital that day and we kept each other company till the doctors arrived. She was there to have her baby that day and i wished her the best and went in to see the doctor.

He said he wanted to examine my pelvis, most disconcerting process i tell you LOL he actually stuck his fingers INSIDE me!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway in between my yells i heard him say " madam you're in labour, you're already 3cm dilated"

So i'm like what next!!!!!!!!

My hospital bag is barely packed, baby's room n clothes etc ain't fully ready. i'm barely ready as it is!!!

Neeways i sat the whole day in the hospital reading a novel and pitying the lady next to me who was in labour. she was groaning and i really felt strong to myself considering i was making no noise at all!!!!!!! had i known what awaited me...hmmm

By the time the doctor broke my water kai the pain had started, it's a combination of menstrual cramps and back ache... Indescribable actually

After what seemed like hours to me, (but husband said it was just minutes), we were in the labour room and men that stuff is real hard labour!!!

my back wanted to break and i felt like having a real hot shit.... i just kept screaming "i wanna pupu oh" LOL

Finally we did all the "push push" and baby slipped out. i was really fortunate no tears n stuff n from what my hussie said labour was only felt like hours to me...

And alas we had a beautiful baby boy :D

I got a few hours sleep this afternoon hence my ability to sit on the internet, and then I had so much to blog about but it's all flown outta my head!!!

Nepa has now struck, i better get into bed and start fanning this gentleman :D


Abbie said...

Congratulations on your new addition dearie! Do they not have epiderals in naija? You try sha!

LG said...

Congrats again
lolll@."i wanna pupu oh"
lolllllllll e'yaa no mind me o :-)

~Sirius~ said...

Congratulations.......just curious, you still had energy for a post!
Giving birth freaks me out!!! I guess with more people doing it everyday, There's hope for people like me.
he stuck his hand up you- ewww! total violation!

fluffycutething said...

@Abbie-thanx sweetie, not sure epis are available so readily here oh, but the supposed side effects of epidurals are so scary i'd just rather bear the pain biko

@LG- No worry na me go laugh you when ur time reach you hear :D the pupu hold me bad bad oh and the doctor kept repeating "she says she wants to poopoo" LOL funny enough i didn't have to poo for days after LOL

@Sirius- thanx sweetie, not to worry strength will come when you get to that bridge as for that pelvic examination... it gets worse in the labour room the doc will stick his WHOLE palm into you at some point LOL

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome process it does!
But surely, you are not scared off the whole thing? You will repeat the process, no?

Twix! said...

@sirius: Ahn ahn, its not that bad now. My sis had a baby at like 3am and was up and about like 7.30am. You seem to me like a strong girl so no worries.
@fluffycutething: Congrats again girl, hes gonna make you real proud

MissLove said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGGG So happy or u..and gwash the description is quite deep lol @ i wanna pupu oh loll 'classic'!

Anonymous said...

aww... congratulations love!kudos to you sha, being able write this beautiful story about your new bundle of joy... d "pupu" part, too funny


~Sirius~ said...

A WHOLE PALM!!!!!!!!!!!! Hells NO!
I've heard about the side effects of epidurals too, but i heard labour pains don't have part 2.

@ twix me, strong girl na you know oh! me and bodypains don't click at all at all, and I want to grow up to be like your sister ah!, can't shout.

Plss can we see a picture of your fluffycute thing???

Anonymous said...


Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Congratulations on your bundle of joy
cherish all these days
time flies
soon you will be beating away mini skirt clad girls from your yard

Sting said...

Congrats on having ur baby.

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