Emergency people

I think i'm pregs once again

I mean my poor son can't even walk yet!!!!!!!!!

I threw up earlier today which is most unusual, my tummy's been hurting too like the first time i got pregs!!!!!!!!!!

Chai what the frig am i gonna do!!!!!!!!!


darkelcee said…
Congrats then.

God will strengthen you ok.

Pele dear
archiwiz said…
Awww... Congrats oh. Isn't your baby up to 9 months yet? If he is then there's no probs na. Even 6 months sef. My mom got pregnant with me when my older one was about 7 months old.

Be strong. :)
LG said…
bia babes' u sure say no be rice u dey take style wan chop so???? :-)

Hmm! but if u are pregnant...wat else can i say xcept *Congrats, aftall,Ayobami nids a sister jare

*norrin do Oga n u :-)
Afrobabe said…
this better be a joke oh...actually tot u were joking...
oh my, are you preggers? I got preggers with my third while my second was still crawling. As you can imagine, it isn't easy. If you are preggers, just remember that you don't have to do everything, and allow those who love you to help, k?

I know it will suck and sometimes you will feel like slapping yourself, trust me, I did. But, when you get into a groove, you'll be fine. Again, make sure you get all the help from hubby and family and friends that you need, please, my sista.
Mojisola said…
Congrats dear,

you didn't know when you were doing abi?

: ) don't worry, its all good. I am just happy to be able to tease someone else for a change. realised I was preggers when bobo was four months, hid it for as long as I could and now people are just waiting for me to born so they can get me some family planning. They do not know that I am ready for them. Let the one with two heads come and talk first.

Like I was saying congrats, and please be pregnant, I still got a lot of teasing to do.
justdoyin said…
wuuuuh! congrats...can't help but laff sha...don't worry, it'll b fine...
Fluffycutething said…
My good people- My insurance didn't fail me after all ;) i am so NOT pregs(at this time) hehehehehehe

Though i have refused to tell Mr the truth sha :)
Jaycee said…
Awww...I love what Solomonsydelle said. Pls allow everybody else to do the "work." You just relax, and enjoy waiting for your newer bundle of joy.


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