Friday, 12 June 2009

"no rice" day 5

Well not technically "no rice" day 5 sha
i managed to only get to Day 4 L

I do feel less bulky sha

and i must say even though my weight hasn't dropped (according to the scales) i have lost weight :D
This is like a mind over matter thing biko
My colleague just yabbed me sef that all i seem to eat is rice...
But really what else can one really eat around here????????
i cannot kuku bring eba to work. abi?
This weekend i'm gonna detoxify myself with honey and efirin(do not know the English name but it's called scented leaf i believe)
Maybe i'll just drink it tonight sef...
with bitter leaf juice :D ... chai the things we do to stay healthy
my baby has catarrh
I was "forced" to suck it from his nose!!!!!
The joys of being a mum abi? i hear there's some instrument for doing that but seeing as i don't have this apparatus i had to improvise or do as my mum did....
Looking forward to this weekend like anything...
Spending the whole time at an aunt's. I'll be pampered for a change ;)
Kai what a long week this has been!!!!!!!!


tobenna said...

Sweet Mother of GOD!
You did WHAT?
Sucked the catarrh from his nose?!
Lawd have mercy!!!
Why can't a baby blow his/her nose like every normal person?

Fluffycutething said...


Maybe you can also ask my son on my behalf LOL

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