No rice... Day 2

span style="color:#00cccc;">So it's day 2 and i've managed to say no to eating rice.

i woke up feeling lighter and in fact squeezed into an old top of mine but alas i strolled into the office and everyone went agog and kept calling me FAT!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL they should not worry very soon they'll eat their words...

I ate moin moin today it was quite nice and even though i've been thinking of food all day i've managed not to throw anything into my mouth...

I think i like my doctor...;)

i saw him earlier today and was just grinning from ear to ear. Infact my greetings were stuttered.

what in blazes is wrong with me... LOL

May Mr not catch me!!!!!

Today's been mostly dry... nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

The car dealer called though, he says i might be getting a black car.

Woulda preferred another colour though, but hey it'll just have to do ;)


SHE said…
How's your 'no rice' week coming along?
I hope it includes the weekend as well?
Vera Ezimora said…
Hahahahahahaha @ everyone calling you fat. Don't mind them. Yeye people. LOL! Too funny.
justdoyin said…
weldone on not haven eaten any rice...don't mind them jo...they'll eat their words soon...but only if u maintain the discipline my 4d doctor, my hand no dey

y can't u get ur prefered colour? that's not fair...but hey! thank God for it all d same girl...cheers...

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