Tuesday, 28 October 2014

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I should take more pictures one of the ways to record precious moments is through pictures,that was a random thought.
I've stayed away from here for too long life and its many distractions. *sighs*
Didn't get the house done up as planned, my younger brother had to travel abroad for school, I sacrificed my cash as support for him, irony of life is that a few years down the line he may or may not remember this gesture *sighs again*
One of the thoughts that has plagued me recently is dealing with a cheating partner especially in Africa where our culture is so accepting of it when the offender is a male. A beloved friend and sister is in this situation and has tried fighting her man, fighting the lady/mistress/girlfriend, pleading with her man to stop and so on. All these have been to no avail, and it has left me pondering really what does one do with a philandering man? Sometimes leaving the union is not immediately feasible especially where there are children or there's no economic power to do so..... I have also been faced with this scenario and find myself seemingly hapless!!!!!
On the other hand my diet and eating habits modifications are kinda taking effect, I'd like to exercise at home but just find it kinda boring.... I am now 88kg from the initial 94kg where I started off from.
Things at work have taken an interesting turn apparently everyone is sleeping with everyone and I was the only one oblivious to this fact LOL na wa


sykik said...

Way to go girl.....6kg is gone...the Lord is your muscle.....keep it up.

Fighting a cheating spouse or the strange woman often times never works.....to each situation, caution and divine guidance is needed...no two situation is same..I don't even know where to start from so I will just pass on this topic....lemme read other people opinion and advice.

HoneyDame said...

6kg just like that?!!! Wonderful.....cheating partner talks pass me, biko

Jane said...

You have been faced with this scenario? Your hubby is cheating? How did you find out? Do you know the woman? Wow.

Just focus on your children and pray.


Fluffycutething said...

@ Sykik & HoneyDame -Thanks dearies.... i need all the encouragement i can get on this weight loss journey!
As for the cheating matters i also am sitting and waiting for people's thoughts on the subject.

@Jane- I thank you for the advice it seems the only sensible advice!!! Although i didn't quite catch the hubby red handed cheating i did see a few implying text messages. So he must have been messing around. I pray this thing never gets to the point where i know the other babe oh. That must be harrowing for any woman to experience

Fluffycutething said...

Sykik- i agree that fighting just makes the wife stoop to an all time low!!!! no one should do it

Beautiful said...

I don't sha but i think after praying and after sitting to have a non voice raised meaningful conversation with him and the cheating doesn't stop, the woman should completely ignore him as much as it hurts. Find your happy place be it work, your kids, writing etc.....and use a condom with hubby to be safe....*sigh* there really is no hard cut solution.

I won't say i snoop but once in awhile I pick up hubby's phone to go through. I don't do it with the mind of finding something but I do get curious once in a while. It backfires sometimes as I come across stuff he's playing e.g a surprise cake for me at work and all that. I once saw a bb conversation from a girl who kept "dearing" him and "sweeting" him, I just wasn't comfortable with her. I didn't say anything to him but kept a tab on it till the day he put up my dp and she sent him a message saying "na wa o, it seems you really like this your wife sha, she's fine but is her attitude fine? she looks like the kind of girl that won't enter kitchen to cook for you. HEr shakara is plentyy", he replied her to never ever talk about his wife in such manner and would delete her the next time she didn't respect his wife. He still doesn't know till today as he never knows when I check his phone but that night the love making was on another level. He kept asking if i was okay lol and i said yeah I'm fine....that was my way of appreciating him and oh yeah I cooked better efo for him with poundo.

Cheating is a process....it starts with a call, text, meet up etc. A sane man will not just see a babe on the road or in the office and shag her immediate (some randy men will sha) but yeah i think it helps if the wife knows when that process is just starting, things that trigger the husband to look out....is he just randy? is it a cry for help? is he just plain disrespectful to God, his wife and his marital vows? ..

This my comment is getting too long let me end it.

Fluffycutething said...

LOL@ Beautiful.... i like the compensation you gave your Mr :D

We women really do have to deal with quite *a lot*

May God help us!!!!

Still laughing at your comment madam :D

New Dawn said...

Well done on your weight loss!

Abiola Olaleye said...

Different strokes for different folks...please pass me only 5kg and you'd be my bff...lol

On the issue of infidelity...it's more rampant than we care to know. It's like a second nature from what I've heard and seen so far.

Though I'm 'inexperienced' here but whatever one chooses to do, fighting the other woman, may not work...her case can be settled 'spiritually' I believe. As for cheating partners...caution and wisdom are highly required to deal with them...

mizchif said...

It's the weight loss me i came to congratulate you about.

On the matter of philandering men, it's almost like it's the standard and i'm not just saying this for saying sake.
I have a person very close to me who has now resorted to snooping through her husbands phone and there's always something to find but she can't go anywhere, she will confront him, he will deny or apologise, they will continue.
So like someone suggested, i guess one solution would be to find other sources of happiness and when u can't take it anymore, leave if you can.

NoLimit said...

Well done for the weight loss, I'm sure your brother won't forget the sacrifice.
Per cheating partners, na wayas... that ish is real and crushing man! I've seen friends who vowed to leave the cheating ass of a man stay because they felt helpless and children were involved. I don't think fighting the other woman is a fantastic idea. Guess your friend should keep praying(I'm sure she is already!), take care of herself and the children and she shouldn't lose herself in the ish! PS: If she has to "lock-up" to preserve her life, so be it...AIDS is real abeg!
Ehen that office gist, biko yarn me story! ;)

Myne Whitman said...

Office hookups sha, are always there. Congrats on the weight loss, I need your trick o.

As for cheaters, others have said it all.

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