I feel so so bad!!!

Last night half way between drifting in and out of sleep, i got a text message from my friend "X" asking why i called her bobo without telling her...

Now she and the bobo are experiencing a strain in their relationship and i wanted to talk to the young man and just see if i could ease all the plenty tension or at least speak up for my friend. Because i know that even though it's not showing on her face, the pressure from this strain is getting to her!!!

Anyway he didn't pick and i forgot about it and even forgot to mention it to her( i was really tired yesterday and i honestly forgot).

Now he calls her, obviously having figured out what i wanted to talk to him about and maybe he was pretty upset. And then of course she got upset too!!

Anyway after several calls to her this morning which she didn't pick at first. She finally picks and says "oh she was quite upset that's why she didn't pick".

I apologised for meddling in her affairs and reiterated that i honestly meant well for her that's why i called him in the first place.

Now i feel so so silly because truly i meant well.

Then i'm sitting here and wallowing in my "low" and just wondering why i think i can solve everyone's challenges and i'm constantly advising people and wanting to do stuff for them and so on.

My other girlfriend says i should learn not to feel responsible for other adults' issues!!!

Maybe i really need to learn that my friends are not children or my children at that and let them be!!!!

Tis just that when people whine to me i "assume" it's because they want my advise or at least want me to deal with the situation!!!! Kind of anyway :)

Anyway i feel so so silly and bad right now :-(


Anonymous said…
heya, i feel u badly,,.... pele, u're a wonderful friend thats y u think u can help ur friends out... ma worry, i think sh'ell come around and uderstand u meant well
fluffycutething said…
@anon- thanks so much... I appreciate that. I really feel better after your encouragement!!!
Daddy's Girl said…
Really, do not feel bad at all, you are just a good person with a big heart, you were only trying to help. Reading this post made me laugh because I have a sister that's just like you - she goes out of her way to reconcile people and build bridges, and sometimes it gets her into trouble. Me, on the other hand, I hate to get involved in people's drama. I am always warning her to 'stay on her own' and not to try to help people who will not appreciate it. My sister can't help it though, it's just the way she is - she loves to help, and it's a good thing. Your friend should have appreciated that you were sincerely trying to help, but many people don't appreciate that. Very sad. Anyway, like anon said your friend will hopefully come around soon.
Ndo o,
you had a good reason. unfortunately,a good excuse can not undo...
Give your girl some time...
fluffycutething said…
My good peeps,

I have learnt to just mind my business on my "friends" matters...

I guess it's just safer to advise quietly and "be looking" at the person!!!

Anyway thanks, i feel better now sha
Idemili said…
I've always known a good smack across the face to set people to rights. You should bitch-slap your friend. You'll feel a lot better trust me.

Ok, ok. Just kidding.
Waffarian said…
I totally understand, but oh girl, i no go try dat one for naija oh! those babes fit misyarn anyhow! Anyway, at least now you know she is "supersensitive"! And by the way, not to put more kerosene to fire, but the babe no trust you. Just so you know.

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