Thursday, 22 March 2007

This love of a matter!!!

I have been wanting to write about my lovely weekend but all week i've been tormented by something and i really am just at a loss as to what to do.

God help me....

All of a sudden "he's" been sending me text messages, now that in itself isn't bad but the content of the texts are so powerful... Here are the ones i got yesterday

In the morning it was :

"Unable to sleep for so long thinking about us and how we should be. I love you with all of my heart. I see you and still my heart skips. There is so much i wish for but most of all i wish that where ever life takes me it will always bring me back to u. Cuz u have always been all i ever wanted. I love u Fluffy cute thing".

Then at night he said

"Baby i miss you so much. I just wanted to say you mean the whole world to me and spending the rest of my life with you is all i pray for.Always Ur No. 1 fan"

Now this morning he says:

"Hi girl hope u had a good night?getting set for work and cant get u out of my head. Totally in love wit u. Always Ur No 1 fan"

There's nothing wrong with the texts actually it's just that they're coming from some old toaster/ex bobo(yeah i know.... there have been one too many these past few weeks) and i'm wondering what all this is about?????????????

The thing is the young man in question works in my office and we started off as friends. i had a bobo at the time and he had someone. unknown to me though, he had nursed "these feelings" for me all the while!!!

When i got single i attempted to date him,more of which to make him happy really. But that didn't quite work, i felt his attraction for me was mostly sexual....

We had a rough patch after the relationship ended where we were barely even speaking to each other and stuff. And then i told him that i didn't think we had to be childish and stuff. At least we could be civil to each other especially in public!!!!

My challenges with this guy are many. He likes to "form ajebota/asso" which i cannot manage and he's so insensitive sometimes. I mean i was attacked by armed robbers, which he knew about but he just didn't show any sympathy!!! I didn't expect him to replace my lost bag and jewellery but at least he could have mentioned it or said sorry!!!!! Then i had a car crash and he didn't even ask how i was faring and stuff!!! I mean how else do you show you care for someone????????? Is it not by being there during "times of need?"

Lately he'd been sending me texts about how he wanted to "do" this to my body or "that" to my "PP".... it was quite embarassing and i had to tell him i felt he was only attracted to my body and i didn't appreciate it. Hence the series of texts above....

Frankly i'm tired and i need to communicate this to the young man, but i don't know how to do it gently....

I mean i'm looking for a HUSBAND not a boyfriend/bed mate!!!!


Calabar Gal said...

Love Nwantin tin. Maybe you have to 'educate' him on how to show love other than sexual love huh? He dosent seem to have grasped a lot of that part.

Daddy's Girl said...

LOLLLLL!!!!! I know this is not meant to be a funny post but I can't help laughing. Love the way you write girl - makes me feel like we're gisting over some coffee. I guess he's trying to show you that he wants more than your body - is he telling the truth? You have to take time and read him carefully.
Honestly, the thing that bothers me is that he was not there for you in times of crisis. Even your platonic friends must've shown some concern - Mr. Romeo didn't. That's a biggie. Because you need someone who you can rely on to be there for you in times of trouble. Very important.
But those his texts sha - he really puts his back into it! LOL

law_damsel said...

Abeg just tell him jare dat ur not cut out for all his sex yarns ! afta all he didnt show any sign of sympathy when u were robbed.. and i get wat daddy's gal is talkin bout, quite funny though that was not d

Waffarian said...

heheheh, at first I thought it was love blossoming! heheheh, tell him the truth, that no need to waste your time, it will never happen, so send those texts to soemone else.

chidi said...

i know its annoying when a guy likes you not because of you but becasue of what your body looks like. I hate it when guyz are telling me "i've liked you all the while..........." and they are not even looking at my face but at my chest. Enewayz, i tell all of them, to fuck off!

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