Friday, 9 March 2007

This revamp of a matter

This my "bedroom matter" is still on and has been bugging me for a while...

I just hope spilling it here(again) will help me(lol).

I can't understand why when i visit other girls, their rooms look so fantastic.The furniture matches and every where's so neat.

This my room has just refused to take shape at all!!! despite all my efforts(as half hearted as they are ;).

Anyway quite unusually all year, the room has been grating on my nerves!!!! and i'm about to reach my limit

One of my friends recently said the paint reminds her of a hospital, the other one said it's like a "face me i face you" room.... that the only thing missing is a curtain across the room... just imagine oh

Anyway i have been yapped to the extent that i'm actually "decluttering" the room. I still have quite a bit of stuff that i do not know what to do with!!!! I am so embarrassed at myself.

I mean my room has become like my granny/mummy's room filled with so much junk that i am not even using.I decluttered so much even my baffs have been reduced to less than half.

I even went and moved an old ward robe into the place just to "make it look nicer"However right now i'm just so frustrated because the room is still not looking "revamped"I mean what am I not doing????????????

I guess i will repaint it and buy a new carpet. So is yellow and lilac a nice idea? or should i just stick with blue? and blue or brown carpet/rug? or green and yellow on the walls? that means i have to do new curtains too oh!!! and put up nice pictures... but where will i keep all my "wosi wosi"(this and that/junk)????????Maybe i should take out some more furniture?????

Right now i have a bed, shoe rack,ward robe, chest of drawers and dressing table. Oh i left out my book shelf and some of my portmanteaux(suitcases)!!!!So which one do i throw out?

Maybe i should just find a man, marry him asap and decorate "that room" instead??????lol

Hmmmmm I feel lighter just downloading all this because i get so depressed just thinking about that room....well some people will never just have exotic looking rooms!!!

Maybe I'm just not o.......

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