Friday, 6 March 2009

Can't say i wasn't warned actually!!!!

I remember when i first had my baby

One of my well wishers who called had said i was "welcome' into the world of trying to bring out offering from your bag and instead pulling out a rattle or bib and i had quite a good laugh thinking "such errant nonsense"


I arrived work today and opened my bag only to find a BIB staring at me!!!!!!!!

Thank God i didn't even pull out the thing sef....

God knows how the thing even waka reach there sef LOL

Ah the "travails" of motherhood

Diet is going on rather SLOWLY

Yesterday i had 2 cups of tea and salad for breakfast
2 pepper soup bowls(qty wise) of vegetables and rice for lunch
and 2 small slices of yam and eggs for dinner

So far so good...

I'm always hungry now though!!!!!!!!!

This morning i've had one cup of milo for breakfast

and now i'm having bread and butter for lunch!!!!!!

It's a party weekend this weekend and i'm really hopeful that i'll be strong enough to WATCH and even AVOID eating unhealthy grubs etc. And stick to my smaller portions etc etc


SHE said...

I hope you ate just two slices of bread? LOL
And I havent heard anything about exercise yet!!!
Be careful at that party. Going out while on a diet can be a real challenge! Can you avoid taking soft drinks for a start?

mike said...

lol. bib? hmmmm. thanks for the diet advice


lol! I can't tell you things I have pulled out of my bag at fancy restaurants with my single girlfriend, lol! I once pulled out a soiled diaper that had gotten lost under the mountain of stuff in my bag. lawl!!!! Ah, life...

Good that you are taking steps to lower your weight, its not easy post baby. If I could make a suggestion, however, you might want to increase your fiber (i.e. oatmeal, especially in the mornings) and limit your carbohydrates (i.e. yam, particularly at night). Not sure if you have any time to work out yet, so an increase in fiber and decrease in carbs and sweets will help out until you get back to working out.

Just my two cents though. Keep up the hard work and discipline!

fluffycutething said...

@SHE- of course it wasn't two slice of bread LOL i had eaten six before i remembered i was supposed to be "dieting" i think i stopped just at the nick of time ;)

@Mike- be laughing there, just wait until your whole car is littered with rattles LOL

@Solomonsydelle- LMAO that your bag must be able to contain a small goat too oh!!! Forgotten diaper ke????? Kai we mums try honestly!!!
I'll try your suggestions for the food meme you're quite right that i don't have time for now to work out.

Caelestis Angelus! said...

lol. When your baby starts crawling, youll find alot of other stuff in your bag. Im on a diet now too and its not going easy but discipline is it. Try exercises though. It works. Do the treadmill thingy if you cant find where to walk long distances. Way to go babe, youll be wearing a size 10 british soon

doll said...

welldone madam..hwz ur cutie?

Afrobabe said...

i once pulled panties out of my hand bag instead of a hanky...travails of a single

african weight loss diva said...

Good luck with the diets..try not to each much during the party!!!!

SHE said...

Ah ahn! wont you update?

I suspect that you ate too much at that party and you're scared to confess it.

ibiluv said...

lol at afro...done that too
and a toothbrush.....

bibs are safe enuff

me thinks yam and eggs at dinner is bad for a diet

me thinks oats for breakfast(custard is try am o)

but you can follow

she can help i believe......

Anonymous said...

Bread is a no go area!! It kills the diet. What really worked for me was a low fat cereal for breakie, a normal size lunch (anything goes) and efo riro (no swallow with it o) or salad for dinner. Add 1hr at the gym everyday and see the weight disappear.

If you want to eat more, just increase you exercise and stop starving.

If you starve your body, it will just adjust to the amount of food intake and your sacrifice will be for nothing.

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