Kidnap attempt

What a weekend i had!!!

Planned to exercise on Saturday morning but that was saboteured sorry sabotaged by an emergency i had!!!
My dog was kidnapped.
I kid you not, he actually went missing for days and had apparently been nabbbed by some fellow for the purpose of crossing his female doggie.
Anyway, we- my friend, brother and I went to see the guy to collect our dog back. He gave us some cock and bull story and sha refused to give us back our thing. we sha spoke plenty Turanci and he clearly saw how the dog was hovering around us and licking us etc before he says ok, he'll take us to where he got the dog from.
meanwhile my brother marched the traitor of a dog to his real home!!!!
The bugger like a typical guy was drooling after pussy LOL
We arrived at the supposed owner of dog's shack and he takes us to another fellow called Murphy who we met jogging!!!
Summary of the talk with Murphy is below...
Murphy says he's been taking care of the dog for the past three months and that in fact the dog doesnt eat "anyhow" foods i.e he has invested in the dog.
I'm like story the dog has only been missing for a few days but we thank you for caring for him anyway...
So he says to tell the 1st supposed owner what we wanna do that he is busy...
Of course i told the guy i'll send him a recharge card at my convenience and give him my no. He said he had no phone (or something of the sort)
Big mistake....
he calls me later in the day to say Murphy's threatening him etc
So i say no shakes....
Ask Murphy to meet me in front of "Area F" police station
Of course the bugger hasn't called me since then.
Believe it or not ....
The bugger of a dog has managed to find his way back to where the female dog lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The joys of owning a MALE DOG!!!!!
Bloody prick LOL


LG said…

kidnap ke??? make i go read
LG said…
lolllllllllll so na dog make u let me no finish my agoyin beans n dodo ehn??? anyway ur dog dey lucky say no be okon/bassey haus him go, if not na 404 peppersoup dem 4prepare dey wait 4 u :-)
*howz ma boy ayobami?
Afrobabe said…
Hahahhahahahah...see why dollar should live with me?

@ LG, na first make u leave ur food?? Now you are making me hungry..
SHE said…
Maybe you should buy a sexier female dog to entice your dog back home? abi which kain thing be dis?
O'Dee said…

the knapper even tried to get extra cash from you.

I made porriage over the weekend, and I thought of you.
lol!!!!! your dog is too much
doll said…
hmm...thank God no ransom was demanded
Tee said…
Dognap.......Na Wa for naija

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