Friday, 13 March 2009

Impressive huh?

Well i must say i did miss you :*

My blog that is ;)

My enemies were at it...

Internet access was taken off at work , luckily some oga "intervened" and here we are again today!!!

Nevertheless my weight loss battle has continued

Not as rigid as it shoulda been but i tried sha and i squeezed into my old size 12 trouser and top yesterday and today....

I'm still nervous about stepping onto a scale, i cannot bear the discouragement that comes with not having lost 5 kg over the past 2 weeks!!! LOL

I've been quite good though, haven't even had a soft drink for 2 weeks or more and late night eating is ALMOST eradicated.

This weekend i'm going to really really try to break my addiction to rice!!!!!!!!!

I "behaved" quite well during that party weekend oh. Didn't eat so much even though there was lots to eat!!

Been drinking more fluids though and haven't eaten sausage rolls for some time (i'm not saying more than that please) LOL

Squeezed my smallie into buba and sokoto this morning, he looked quite a sight, unfortunately he didn't stay still for a picture...

we'll try another photo session when we wear buba and sokoto next Friday ;)

Poor boy he'll be wondering why his mum is wearing him all these big big clothes LOL

what a week, spent most of it just sleeping and sleeping i tell you...

Need to go and see what's been happening be back soon


SHE said...

Ah ha! I'm happy to hear that you're trying hard.
but this your report sounds so sketchy! are you sure you are not hiding something behind all these generalisations??!!!

Anyways, as long as you still have weight loss on your mind, thats a very good sign. Keep it up lady.

Haba! which tailor made those clothes for your kid?! they must look so tiny!

LG said...

lolllll Babes abeg no force ma boy wear dos clothes o' his fashion taste is quite different :-)
* take it easy on ur diet, btw i m having beans, dodo, fried eggs, shaki, pomo , shiken , erm.....*take off* :-)

happy w'end

African Weight Loss Diva said...

Welcome back girl. We missed you. have a great weekend

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