Fluffycutething -solicitors and barristers

I just finished doing lawyer on the bus. A accident occurred between a lady's car and man's car. I had been watching and feeling bad because I knew that if she didn't get back up soon she would ended up being cheated because she is a woman One yeye man on the bus now said it's the woman's fault and that the men were just being soft/nice I was so irritated I started yelling you're just talking like that because its a woman involved The men were at fault can't you see their car was on the line and not on a proper lane. I was livid Didn't even realize I was yelling so much then I saw everyone was staring and so i quickly turned to "face my front" Now I'm embarrassed and feel like getting off at the next bus stop LOL


Okeoghene said…
LMHO I can just imagine. You did a good thing though, speaking up.
Enkay said…
The down side of playing lawyer sometimes is that you could so easily become the centre of the 'melee' and get attacked by everyone else! LoL!

Happy new year to you.

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