Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bits n bob

What a week last week was!
No baddies thankfully.
It was plagued with some really bad grammatical issues though. I tend to agree with the DG of NYSC who says most graduates can't read or write. I mean my colleague asked me to read the "mail tray below" . Can't blame anyone though the conditions for learning in many places are extremely bad. I also stumbled on some pictures of police in training college. *sighs* they really can't behave any better than they do if one considers the crappy training they receive. Saturday I spent cleaning,cleaning and still cleaning! I still didn't get my outstanding chores completed though, at a point I abandoned the project and went to lie down, i am still lying down. Brokeness too isn't helping my cause *sighs*
Ok that was two weeks ago! Thankfully all is still well here it's a bit slow drama wise *winks*
My boss has assured me I will be getting a a seat soon, fingers crossed people LOL
I emptied my wardrobe and de-cluttered my kitchen store, it's part of my resolutions to move closer to becoming a diva! The weight loss is coming on fine too, 5kg off so far. Since November 2012!!!!!! Slow and steady is winning this race oh

No gist per se lemme run off


Enkay said...

lol @ the "mail tray below". What?!

What about those for whom "It's being long since I last saw you". Hehehe!

You've lost 5kg in 3months? That's a feat! I have been trying to do the same in as many months and I have only managed to push off 1.5kg.

Please tell me what you are doing that I am not. I beg you! :)

Fluffycutething said...

Lol people speak incorrect grammar in these parts even the media aren't excluded

I've reduced my portions, I don't always eat dinner. I take 30minutes walks at least thrice a week plus I do loadsa house chores now :D

Free Nigerian weightloss advice said...

Hiiii! Just popped by to read your blog! Nice work here, and congrats on your weight loss dear.

Dr Trim

Myne Whitman said...

You lost 5kg already, wow! Congrats. And I hope the chair comes soon :)

Afronuts said...


Olodos with kpalis...
God help us.

It is well, things will get better for you. Brokeness is not for eva

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