Saturday, 7 July 2007

Just like in the movies.....

The friendship started off quite ordinarily

He was easy to talk to.....

I was in a real jam, he sorted me and provided a shoulder to lean on during that period

We hung out as often as we could

Those were such happy times

Many many months and maybe even years after in a sudden "aha" moment he gave me a kiss

We took it further and ended up making fire under the covers, i killed the fire and chased him off as soon as i realised it was " he" on top of me

I didn't realise he was really fond of me

I thought what i wanted or rather was looking for will appear in a finer and bigger package!!!!

Some little girl appeared on the scene

I teased him mercilessly about it

He suddenly disappeared and i got more absorbed with my life

Last night I saw him, he's in the country on a short vacation

With the little girl in tow......

I was with him till pretty late

We kissed

It was quite passionate

Just like in the movies

And then i realised he had become what i was looking for

A nicer, finer and even bigger package

Today, I am being tormented by so many thoughts of what could've been

If only i had looked beyond my nose at the time.....


ozaveshe onyeabo said...

I'm first on someone's blog!

ozaveshe onyeabo said...

oh, sorry, i forgot to leave my post.

what i meant to say was, someone will come along. Someone always does.

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