All sorts!!!!!!!!!!!

My ex sent me a text last nite saying I had put him in trouble...

Nothing nasty, more like a mischievous text in fact.

I called back but he was already asleep, so this morning I call him and he says " oh some chick he's seeing found out we had shagged after breaking up(Okafor's law was in effect here)!!

And i thought big deal,i'm not going to go on a guilt trip cause of that!!

This morning, he sends another text saying to please buzz him when i'm free.

I do so and he gives me a mini-shocker.

He says the little girl wants to talk to me. Now i'm like what's that about?????

So out of curiousity i collect her number( i don't want her having my no and all that paparazzi) and give her a ring from my office line/phone.

She picks and i say "so i heard you wanna speak to me" Then she says she just wants to apologise for coming between me and my ex... she's so sorry, she don't want me bearing her grudge and stuff. That she didn't know he was involved with someone at the time she met him and all that paparazzi......

At this point i'm thinking.. "wetin be this one now?"

So i tell her, i truly bear her no grudge(really she's of no significance to me) and the relationship broke up for reasons that didn't quite include her(at least i hope she was not a catalyst to the whole degeneration of the relationship)!!!

Since then i've been wondering, which kain thing be this, this early morning for that matter?

Was that really the reason she wanted to speak to me?

All sorts that i've seen in this my short span of life, true....


keeping it real said…
Really very strange. I hope you had some coffee before all this action.

I find that its best to just cut the ex and all ensuing drama off for as long as it would take you to move on.

This really is way too much drama.
dont mind that girl jo!
You know how you women behave sometimes: getting something underhand by pretending to be totally without guile.
I think you did the right thing though. All thats left for you to do is to forget about her.
Just read thru ur blog. seems every worker in lagos is going thru the same ol' same ol'. Copy all your posts about traffic.

ur name is fascinating.I've said that before somewhere...
fluffycutething said…
@K.I.T- I truly feel you...
Just going to be a bit tight because me n my ex are friends beyond our relationship if u get me!!!

But i clearly need to draw a line sha

@Oza- My sentiments exactly,esp when i discovered she went shagging him right after talking to me.... Loud hiss, thankfully i'm fully over the relationship my ex!!
fluffycutething said…
@ Oza (again) thanx for d compliments ;) trying not to blush here...

The name was what one boy, who i thought was in love with me at one time, used to call me LOL. Long story abi???????

As per this "weariness" being experienced by lagos workers, it must be something in the air causing it,honestly :0
Afrobabe said…
She probably wanted to find out if you speak good english or if you are a "I forgot to took it" person;)
fluffycutething said…
@Afrobabe- Trust "you" to think that was her reason ;) LOL

Anyway i disappointed her, i gave her "fone" to oppress her accordingly and spoke even impeccable Queen's English to match :)

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