Monday, 16 July 2007

Before Sunday.....

It had been a long week last week,

All i wanted to do this weekend was watch movies and catch up on sleep!!!!!

It started off well and kinda normal.

I bought petrol so that nothing would hamper my plans, there was food all over the house so i won't get bored. I had a book to read and magazines to catch up on.

Nothing could go wrong, my plan was fool proof.

Nepa was at it (as expected) on Friday morning before i left for work and thanks to the generator i didn't quite notice it.

On Friday , i got home quite early, all just so that i could catch up on my sleep.

and then it happened

Nepa had struck and i attempted to put on the generator.

I heard a loud bang and took off...

To cut the long story short

Generator no gree work,

The whole weekend Nepa didn't flicker for more than ten minutes.

I was so so depressed.

Surprisingly i was calm through out, normally i'd have started to throw tantrums but this time i took it all in my stride.

This country especially Lagos is tough to live in true.

Right now i'm battling sleep seriously!!!!

The heat was much didn't sleep till 2.30 last night and i still needed to be up by about 6am to avoid getting stuck in traffic, which is inevitable anyway!!!

Hopefully i'd be able to catch up on the sleep when the generator is fixed today...

All i wanted to do was sleep and i couldn't even get it done!!!

This Lagos na real wa ;)


ozaveshe onyeabo said...

you know, was thinking of cutting and pasting this entry and posting it on my blog under "my weekend". the similarity is harrowing...

Pink-satin said...

eyah!Lagos na wa..ur post really took me in being in 9ja,no light and not being able to sleep and all!mosquito e.t.c...pele dear

...toyintomato said...

typical Lagos day, no nepa, heat, traffic, dont worry thats Lagos for show,
....thx for stoppin by

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