To be or not to be.....

Just the way to round my day up;)

I've got this gentleman in love(or so he says) with me...

I kinda like him too(sometimes at least)

We've shagged in the past, it was more out of to reward him for his "efforts" that i started shagging him.

We couldn't just graduate into something beyond occasional shags

I moved onto another relationship and he did likewise

There's a long pause in our friendship

After many years we start to act civil towards each other and begin to call each other and stuff...

Then he tilts the usual way,

"He wants me" , "he loves me" " he needs me"

All code for let's shag

For some reason, let's say stupidity (for the purpose of this conversation)

I shag him again, knowing fully well that he has a girlfriend

Who he keeps claiming to like but not enough to shag her,

It's me he wants to shag!

He says i should feel lucky, he wants (to put his lean prick inside me- my words) me instead

In the spirit of our friendship developing into "maybe a relationship" ,

Today he called and says he wants to take me on a treat to TINAPA!!!!

I jump with glee, that's so exciting.

Then he says it'll cost about N200,000 and we should fifty the bill.

At this point i'm silent........

Because i'm thinking, while we are in TINAPA , i'd probably be expected to shag this gentleman.

Now does this not mean I am investing more in this trip??????????????

Or is my "lala" supposed to be given up "free of charge"?

Not like i expect to be paid or something, but i assume a gentleman who wants a lady (real bad, i must add) should be willing to impress her and pay his way, if i must add

He made me feel like i was materialistic, and perhaps greedy.

Is this the case?

Am i supposed to fifty bills, with a toaster cum potential boyfriend?????????


Afrobabe said…
cum shagging partner...hell no!

But then I am materialistic lets hear from the others first.
Kpakpando said…
WORRAFECK IS GOING ON? Cheap bastid, how is it a treat if you're coming up with your own money. Honey this relationship has run its course, and since you didn't make mention of how great lay he was, it's safe to assume he's not the best you'll ever have... Move the hell on chic and keep your money to your self and stay put.
Naapali said…
Interesting conundrum. In the spirit of 21st century relationships and gender equality, there is nothing wrong in your partner asking you to split the bill on a mutually agreed expense. However, in a courtship when one party proposes an expense the other was not privy to planning, it is only fair that the proposer meets all reasonable costs incurred. Finish. And I no be lawyer sef!
Afrobabe said…
lol @ kpakpando...if i had said it they would have said afro has come again basing all on sex and money oh...
fluffycutething said…
my peeps- i called the guy shortly after the initial conversation and explained in great detail to him that in the "jungle" i come from, when a man is taking a woman some place, he foots d bills,especially when they're not in a some long term kinda arrangement/relationship.

Then he says but since he can't afford the whole expense at this time nko??

Then i say, so you cut your coat according to your size and material!!!

fluffycutething said…
@Afro- it's u teaching me all this bad bad behavior of materialism oh LOL.....

Long gone are the days of "free" pussy my dear. The one i don do for "love" don reach abeg! ;)
fluffycutething said…
@kpakpando- ROFL ,I'm too amused by your comment to even leave a proper response, but yeah u summed up d whole deal nicely for me;)

@Napaali- U mentioned the key thing "if your partner" This gentleman ain't my partner. We kinda were seeing each other in the past but we're not in a "thingi together" at the moment.
Anyway if i need lawyer for this matter, na you i go call. LOL

Thanks for stopping by peeps...
Kpakpando said…
I promise this didn't inspire my post, I had a series of conversations with my so called intelligent friends and I was pissed to the highest point of pisstivity.
But like I said feck the cheap/broke bastid mehn. Let him be doing dutch with his girlfriend, anuofia so you're supposed to be paying but he'll be fucking for free okwa ya?

I firmly believe nothing in life is free, not even sex. And by no way am I suggesting that a man should be paying money for sex, abeg, that one is straight soliciting and prostitution. Rather what I'm saying is that everything comes with a price, in a "normal" relationship a man is sleeping with his wife or girlfriend but his price is the commitment, the emotional ties she has with him... Now if it's just a thing, with no commitment his price is slightly different, its to keep you entertained enough to keep up the fling, and bringing your own money out is NOT entertaining. He berra come correct.
Waffarian said…
Fluffy, I left a comment before, where the thing go? shuoooooooo
fluffycutething said…
@kpakpando- i absolutely feel you

@waffy- I no see any comment oh. Kindly type it again abeg ;)
You can "fifty" bill with your boyfriend but not a toater. you might as well use the money to go on your own and look for a "short time shagger" there just for the fun of it. Whoever it is would love u forever

Just my take....
Waffarian said…
Well, the comment was the bobo no suppose get any special priviledges! im get liver self! no pity am abeg, all these useless men, ehen, and I come suggest make im try Abraka turf club, the place dey very nice, no be joke oh!
princesa said…
That guy is a joker!
Bone am joo and hin thing no reach standard sef!
LittleGirlLost said…
Please fluffy tell me that you declined this arrangement!
LittleGirlLost said…
Ok just read the rest of the comments. You declined. Good because this man s cheap!
Mojisola said…
You had better not let it be.

Lets just say its time to open your eyes. Obviously the guy aint worth that good in bed and doesnt seem to realise it.
Naijachic said…
lean prick? why do u even consider when he's not up to standard?

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