Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I'm in a real dilema!!!!!

Saw my vet, sorry my dog's vet :D the other day, and he told me my doggie looks bereaved...

I mean of all the words in the dictionary "bereaved" loun loun LOL

Anyway it then dawned on me that perhaps i really cannot keep the doggie anymore!!!

Story is that the doggie was given to me by my ex for christmas a few years back..

Alas i did not marry that ex(story of my life abi? ;) and the dilema is

1. My hussie does not really really like pets i.e dogs

2. We live in a house with other tenants who may or may not appreciate living with an animal

3. Were i to even insist on moving the doggie in, i would have to accomodate him on the balcony which just won't do

4. Our landlord has stated expressly and categorically that he does not like pets!!!!

5. My mum and other occupants of her house are not really really able to show the dog as much affection as i showed it, thus he is being neglected :(

6. I have a baby now and thus less free time

Not like i don't like sorry love the doggie anymore but there's just so little time to partake in "extra curricular activities" ;) these days.

So now i am thinking of SELLING the dog, i should make about 20-25000 bucks if i do.

That's quite some money if you ask me sha LOL

But i feel so wracked with guilt i just don't know what to do!!!!


miz-cynic said...

dont sell ur dog...it is ur dog.u love ur dog. u'll miss ur dog

Caelestis Angelus! said...

My dear, if i would advice you, its okay to let it go. Its hi time jare, I dont mean to sound mean o lol

Anonymous said...

don't sell it. give it to someone you know, so you can visit every once in a while... like giving it up for adoption.

Afrobabe said...

Hahahhahahah time to show dollar the gate, wish I could say take it to mine but my dad hates them more than ur hubby...plus my lil sis wants a tiny one that doesn't grow...her words!!!

ablackjamesbond said...

Am with kmplx on this one.

fantasy queen said...

u'll def miss the dog if u sell...but i need the extra cash now, so mail the cash to me:)

fluffycutething said...

@Miz-cynic- I'm seriously contemplating your advice.

@Caelestis angelus!- Your name just sounds so "celestial" LOL I'm convinced you're a guy and hence the "harsh" ;) advise!!!

@Kmplx- what a sweetheart you are, i'll expore that option too!!

@Afro- Babes you won't believe how sad i am at this development LOL

@ablackjamesbond- Hmmmmm a man again!!!

@ FQ- LOL as i discuss this the occupants of the house are planning to use the money to buy generator!!! Just imagine oh

Funms-the rebirth said...

awww...... dont sell.... find someone u know doesnt mind taking care of it for u. if u have time on weekends, u can visit... eh ya, wish it could take it from u

GamineChic said...


Dont sell em

my mum sold ours last year and i am still having withdrawal symptoms!!


Jaycee said...


I dunno...(I love dogs). I'd say selling it is not such a bad idea though, since the dog is being neglected regardless. :)

Mojisola said...

Poor doggie if you sell him he's going to become pepper soup.

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