Monday, 2 February 2009


... wanting to blog about so MANY things

But i just can't seem to find the words right now.

For a start i've resumed work and right now i'm really wishing i could resign and be a housewife!!!

Mehn i'm sleepy, and missing my long long hours in bed with my smallie so much!!!

Everyone's commnenting on my weight!! Trust people to rub in your sore points!!!

Na dem know jare :D

Lemme try and settle in be back soon :-*


miz-cynic said...

im sure u will miss smallie the most,.

na dem get their mouth o....wht did they expect...they too should go and carry belle for 9 months and see how easy it is....just try in ur own way not to add to the weight gradually with breasfeeding, u will lose it.

kmplx said...

you'll be cool. tell em to put a sock in it.

Afrobabe said...

I for one am very happy you are back at we can chat all day as

Keepin' it real. said...

Don't let people harass you about your weight. While I am in support of looking trim and being fit, I recognize that pregnancy is a massive thing. Congratulations.

fluffycutething said...

@Miz-cynic- thanks jare!!! i missed the boy plenty i tell you and he too musta missed me, he refused to eat for most of the day and drank water instead LOL

@Kmplx- thanks jare!!!

@Afro- U can't be as happy as me i felt i had been totally cut off from the world throughout this my leave ;)

@KIT- I appreciate that, i'm eating smaller portions now and hope to start some serious exercise routine very soon ;)

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