Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Na wa

Been wondering how my smallie is supposed to add any weight at all considering that his mummy has drank/slurped/licked/eaten (Vera see what you've caused now) most of his Cerelac...

Kai the thing sweet oh!!!

I've spent most of today nursing a running stomach....

Must be my punishment for stealing out of my baby's grub LOL

He gave me another scare over the weekend

Saw some blood like stains in his diaper....

Rushed to doctor who calmly told me the boy just needs to drink more water.

Apparently his urine had become so concentrated it had crystalizz/ssed. Hence the stains in his "pampers" LOL

I have bought ribena to help US BOTH on this "increase fluid intake" challenge.

my weight seems to have come off a bit, i managed to squeeze into an old dress of mine for a wedding on Saturday. Fine my boobs were all still squeezed and all but alas, i was in the dress!!!!

What a day, i look quite hawt in my new white skirt today ;0

This is plus all the nodding off i've been doing on my desk all week.

My smallie now has a new habit of not sleeping from about 3am till dawn. Last night he was actually kicking me so i couldn't even ignore the bugger LOL

I'm striving towards achieving a complete home/work balance.

I haven't got a maid at the moment so i'm juggling being a maid/driver for myself plus worker.

I also function as cook and wife plus mom too.

Ko easy rara

Not sure what i'm typing anymore my eyes have started to close again

Good bye biko


Rita said...

I so love cerealac...it is so sweet! The time when I had symptoms of ulcer, I started taking cerealac every morning. Before 2 months was up, the symptoms had disappeared.

Sorry oh, about ur smallie.

Only you "maid, driver, worker, wife, cook, + mother"... welldone. u are strong.

OluwaDee said...

Stop eating your baby's food.
I think I'll understand why mummys do this when I have a baby of my own.

You are trying o.
You work, have a child & no maid, not even grandma.

well done.

SHE said...

Keep up the good work lady.

But it is not bad to eat the baby's Cerelac. I think the Yorubas have a prayer to the effect of "may we eat our children's food" or something?

LG said...

@Rita and Mummy Abayomi.........
ajubole 'ole :)

*pls get a house support(according to jide salu) i no wan hear say one thing do one thing o'
*hope yomi is better now.

Caelestis Angelus! said...

men, you are a real super woman o, handling all those tasks by yourself.

I equally love cerealac but im conscious that it will make me add weight so i tend to ignore it these days

doll said...

heya....pele..try not to get a memo while nodding off. LOL

Stop eating your baby food!!!!

fluffycutething said...

@Rita- i like you jare... maybe i should start saying the Cerelac was recommended by doctor? ;)

@Oluwadee- Thanks jare... the work just never stops. As for that chopping baby food, i'll be here to listen when YOU start eating your baby's grubs LOL

@SHE- LMAO i'm not sure it's in the literal context of eating baby's food like that oh!!!!

@LG- House support ke? Is that the politically correct name or what maids are called now?????

*P.S- ur boy's name is Ayobami oh!!!

@Angelus- i refuse to think of the adding weight part biko :D

@Doll- i eventually went and got a good nap in the loo, after which i carried my bag and went home jare LOL

miz-cynic said...

ko easy rara o. tart by getting a driver....then get a maid pls.....u cant come and kill ur self cos u wan be superwoman....."owo die die lara n fe" and i mean tht in the contexxt"....as in respecting urbody not necessarily urself

naija bloggers' awards said...

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aww, you poor thing. It is not easy having a little one. I am happy you were able to fit your body and boobies into your dress. lol!

But, na wa oh! How you just dey chop ya pikin food, nah?

E no good oh!



D-a-r-l-i-n-g, it's my first time on your blog. I can't comment. I don't know you yet / well - how you write, why you blog, if you Personal Assistant blogs on your behalf, etc. These days of cold / computer virus, I just don't want to catch anything. Consider this as my "wait and see" comment. Okay? Remember when you mama told you not to talk to strangers? It's something like that here - about not knowing a person well and commenting on their blog. You get me? Its like sex on a first date. Some people won't. I would. I wouldn't comment on a blog on the first time. There's a huge difference between sex and commenting on a blog on the first time on the page... With sex, there's instant gratification, but with commenting on a blog, one gets zilch. I'd feel d-i-r-t-y, used and abused... So, darling,... maybe next time, ..maybe,.. but d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y not tonight that is my first time here. I have standards and reputation to maintain. Ciao.

Vera Ezimora said...

LOL. Hahahahahaha.

Babe, I lovvvvvvvvvvve cerelac. The other day, I was @ the African store just staring @ it. I almost bought one, but the Camerounian lady (the owner) for laugh me die. I say make I just arrange my dignity commot store. LOL.

Yeah, I dunno what to do with celelac either. Pretty sure e no be slurp. LOL!

But nne, have small respect na. How you go dey chop your pikin food? LOL

RocNaija said...

@ Rita.. Mummy Abayomi.. Vera..


Noooo please say it ain't soooo!!!

tboz said...

@fluffy.. little trade secret. both of you should LEARN to drink normal water. If you get him hooked on ribena or other flavoured substitute for water, you will have many years of struggle to wean him OFF that.

fluffycutething said...

@Mz-cynic- My dear getting "good help"(sorry support na wetin Aunty LG say make we dey call those people) isn't so easy to get around here. I just do the little i can and my mum sends her maid over occasionally to help too!!!

@Solomonsydelle- Oya confess whether you've never "assisted" your trio with their grubs LOL

@SECRET DIARY- i'm quite speechless no sorry tongue tied at this oh LMAO

@Vera- Ah babe you disappoint me!!! U for just pretend say your friend come greet you with her pikin and you wan give the pikin ma e chop. For added effect you will tell the shop owner this story sef LOL

@RocNaija- You should try it, a trial will convince you :D

@Tboz- oh well(**wearing quite a long face **), we will see about that.

African weight loss diva said...

Lol. Kids could be a handful. Am dreading the sleepless nights oh, when I eventually get married and have kids. BTW I love those keeping your man tips on your blog!

Afrobabe said...

hahahhahahahah...first of al..OLe...

then...secret diary, that speech is very grand and long for a non speech oh...

ibiluv said...

you dey try o

it is well.............

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