Do not plan bad bad things for your spouse!!!

My hussie upset me like 2 days back.....

He shouted at me. LOL

Throughout yesterday i refused to speak to him even though he made a miniscule effort at apologising...

(Don't know why men can't just say they are sorry!!!)

Anyway i thought of the perfect revenge and decided that...

I will make yam pottage for dinner

Knowing fully well that he DISLIKES yam

Especially when it is served for dinner(he believes it should only be eaten(worst case scenario) at/for breakfast.

I stopped off after work, to buy ugwu just for garnishing the pottage and to pretend i was making a special meal for him ;)

I got home quite exhausted, parked and carried baba kekere upstairs plus like four bags and our laundry etc etc only to realise the keys weren't in my bag.

Came back downstairs and searched the car frantically for another like half hour, still no key.

Finally was forced to call husband(whom i had refused to speak to all day) to see if he was on his way home etc etc

Meanwhile i sat in the car,praying mosquitoes wouldn't destroy my poor son's American skin ;)

My neighbour came back from work and moi plus baba kekere went to chill in her crib. We were there till like 10pm when hussie finally came.

He had been stuck in traffic.

Of course by this time, it was too late to start making any nonsense pottage and i was so "happy" to see Mr, that my revenge plans were immediately thwarted!!! :D

I made him eba and he cleaned his plate"happily"!!!

You won't believe i got to work this morning and looked in that cubicle(not the glove compartment) the one underneath the radio space and there was THE SAID MISSING KEY STARING AT ME!!!!!!



OluwaDee said…
my revenge food is usually eba.

You know i had to pray to God to help me not nuture anger towards my hubby. Cos i can do some really silly things then.

1st time here n I love your blog already. Will be back.
fantasy queen said…
lol' your hubbys chi definately was with him on this day....
Afrobabe said…
hahahahahah...God catch u...meanwhile keep that yam for me...
Rita said…
LOL... I don't know what to say, except that I have learnt from this lesson...
revenge is bad......... lol.....
do u think u can make me the yam porridge?
fluffycutething said…
@Oluwadee-thanks for stopping by. Maybe i should start this type of prayer too!!!

@ FQ- His chi and his mother's chi were really awake oh, because i was so looking forward to seeing his face change when i dish the yam LOL

@Afro- In fact i will keep the yam to make you some special pepper soup ;) ;)

@Rita- LOL too!!! Sure you've also learnt to plan revenge better LOL

@Funms- Truly oh i guess it's better to forgive and forget abi????
Uzo said…
LOL...Damned keys
miz-cynic said…
ur husband must have been the innocent party in all of this..cos his head caught u.
Olówó said…
Aww man! I just hate that. My apt has one of those hotel key card things and I misplaced it abt 2 months ago. I had to wait in the cold for almost an hr for someone to let me in. On top of that I had to shell out 40 quid. Arrgh.

Your husband's lucky, I can't imagine eating yam pottage for dinner :(
hahaha! That's what you get, lol!
Mojisola said…
I agree with miz-cynic, you must've been the offender or maybe your karma doesnt support you planning bad things lol. .

Wish I had revenge food. Hubby eats everything and the okro that I would have been loading for him; I myself cannot stand.
ibiluv said…

a classic case of

ori e mu e

him head catch you
fluffycutething said…
@Uzo-Stupid damn keys for that matter LOL

@Miz-cynic- sincerely he was the one TOTALLY at fault LOL

@Olowo- oh dear poor u, all that time in the cold???????
But what is wrong with yam pottage for dinner? ;)

@Solomonsdyelle- truly oh no more revenge planning for some time abeg!!!

@Mojisola-Surely there must be one food he doesn't like?????????????? Add Brocoli to his rice i can assure you he won't scoop it up!!!

@Ibiluv- walahi im head catch me oh... don't worry the next one will be better planned ;)
lol! are you serious? serves you right lol.
SHE said…
Sometimes non living things act like they know what they are doing.
It looks to me like the keys had witnessed everything and felt it was time to put a stop to it!
LOL !!!

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