Monday, 25 June 2007

I don dey old oh!!!

After spending like 5 blissful days at home thanks to the NLC strike(which affected all Nigerians except the government)

I resume(d) back at work today....

Not quite happy to be here actually, wish i could continue to stay in bed and still get paid..

So now here I am sitting here, drinking cranberry tea ;) and blogging

Anyway it was quite a happy weekend for me

My birthday was yesterday and my best friend/sister's birthday was on Saturday.

There was quite a bit of celebration as we "partied" throughout the entire weekend.

We made so much food and noise and on Saturday even though Nepa didn't give us electricity and there was no fuel in the gen, we had some friends over and had a happy time, taking pictures, eating and making plenty of noise.

The night took a different turn though when my ex decided to give me and my friend his perceived view of my shortcomings.

Tried not to get angry, and took it all in, believing that he was sharing these in good faith and supposedly for my overall good.

Some were true, the others were just trash and i promptly flung them out of my ears as soon as he said them

Anyway for my birthday, quite suprisingly i got many calls, a few texts but no presents hehehehe

In all i had a nice day sha, I decided to buy four litres of petrol at an outrageous amount of N1500 and then to my chagrin Nepa decided to be nice and supplied electricity all day and all nite...

Just imagine.

I'm still feeling excited even though i'm kinda nearer the big 30 now!!!

I don dey old oh!!!


classybabe said...

Happy belated birthday

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but N1500 isnt that expensive is it? As in here in america is hella expensive and Im pretty sure its expensive in th united kingdom too..Anyways Happy Birthday its good to hear tht you had a blast.

BiMbyLaDs** said...

nappy belated bithday ma LURVE,,,,

fluffycutething said...

@classy babes- thanks for stopping by!!!!

@Bimby- For some odd reason i just feel a strong urge to start calling you my "iya oko"

And so "Tenks my Iya oko"

@It is - I amost responded to u saying "it is exactly that oh" and no pun is intended per se...
I even bought that gallon at "black market" rate sef. Things are back to normal now but petrol is N70 per litre

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