Today i just didn't feel like work

So i lied to everyone that i had to see a doctor and i came in at about 1pm.

Stopped by to talk with my ex instead.

My work of course suffered and i really felt bad so i decided to stay extra hours and correct my wrong.

May the Almighty God forgive me for this bad thing i did today.

I'm truly tired of this work, but on searching my self i realise that i have barely put in any extra effort into the job and thus i shouldn't expect it to fufill me so much

I also stumbled on the scripture that asks us to "do things/ work diligently/ make our service as unto God instead of unto man" and i commit to doing that henceforth.

I will be here before resumption time as much as is within my power except on days when traffic is truly beyond me!!!

And actually work diligently, instead of chit chatting and browsing silly sites...

I need to put a lot of things in order.

I have realised that i have spent a great part of me and my time trying to please others/make them happy and much to a large extent neglected to develop myself or make myself happy.

Seeing that i have exhausted my energies on other people/things who have by the way barely acknowledged it or appreciated it, i have decided to do more of "self" investments and development right now.

So for now, my main focus is just making myself totally happy and serving God diligently....



boorish male said…
We all get like that sometimes.....
fluffycutething said…
I guess so jare....

Thanx for stopping by!!!

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