While i was busy....

A close friend of mine has had a bit of financial troubles recently and i was busy casting stones at her (albeit i my mind) and feeling like i was better than her because my money(and even other) woes didn't seem so "prominent" or "visible" to the world.

Only when i took a step back and brought my nose down from my high horse did i realise that my financial challenges were many too and i really am not on top of my game as per money matters n stuff.

The difference between us, may be the fact that i am aware of some of my excesses that cause me these strains and i am on the path to recovery. By tracking my spending(s) and cutting down on frivolities until i'm back at my financial apex(or at least i'm quite close to it) I believe i'm well on my journey to "squeezing water out of this rock" called money.

I know it's not easy but my contemporaries are doing "big things" with their monies and i will not be left off this band wagon!!!

So i've decided to also take a step back in other areas too and stop being so judgemental of people experiencing challenges, even when they are seemingly caused by themselves!!!!

I will also further look inward at my own short comings and work at improving them rather that "take painkillers for someone else's headache" as i'm wont to do!!!


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