Wash your "Golds"

This morning as always i observed the streets of Lagos and it's many "absurdities" on my way to work.

Firstly, I woke up from my wonderful and happy dream where i was able to buy petrol in my car and in like five jerry cans( there's a fuel scarcity in Lagos at the moment) and i had been quite traumatised by this (apparently) especially since the fuel tank in my car showed red yesterday evening on my way from work (lol)....

Anyway i spent the better half of my commute(i like that word sounds so European) i guess hustle is more "lagos like" ;) . Ok so, hustle reading my book and looking at inscriptions on buses!!!

Today i didn't see any extra ordinary ones, and was quite disappointed! However my moment came when i saw a sign across a stall, saying "IDERA JEWELERRIES" now i didn't mind that as i am used to the fact that around here people call jewellery- jewelleries... the part that totally cracked me up was " WASH YOUR GOLDS" lol...

Wash your golds indeed... ;)

Anyway i just got into the office and as usual needed to offload this before settling in...

Be right back blog ;)


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